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with Jamie Dixon,
Texas Christian University Head Coach (TCU) Head Coach - 2017 NIT Champions;
former University of Pittsburgh Head Coach;
2009 Naismith College Coach of the Year;
2x Big East Regular Season Championships (2004, 2011);
USA Basketball U-19 Team Head Coach - 2009 FIBA World Championship Gold Medal

Jamie Dixon's teams are known for playing with a high level of effort and grit. In this video, he explains the basics of the transition offense that he has developed through studying statistics and efficiency ratings.

Coach Dixon looks to put his players in the best positions possible on the floor. Through multiple scoring options, you will see how his teams are so successful running the floor and scoring early in their offensive possessions.


Once your team has secured a rebound, it's off to the races. Teaching your players to run wide quickly will stretch your opponent's defense. Additionally, having players who can play any spot within your transition offense will keep the defense on their toes and create mismatches in the open floor. Dixon shows how you can create a scoring opportunity for your point guard and post to use any number of screening angles to score downhill as long as your wings get wide and to the baseline in transition.

Attacking the Defense

Your opponents are sure to get creative when it comes to stopping your transition offense. The key for you is to know what they are going to look to take away and how to counter it when they do.

Dixon demonstrates several scoring options with your post and point guard, including a step up screen, a drag screen, and hit-ahead wing screen where your players can quickly attack the paint and put the defense in a mismatch situation.


You will see why Coach Dixon loves to use disadvantage/advantage drills to help players make choices in the open court. Through 3-on-2 and 5-on-4 drills, Dixon puts his post players in situations where they have to think about the screening angle and were they can set the "best" screen. By keeping the defense moving and unbalanced, your team will find success anywhere in the open court.

This video gives you an inside look at how Coach Dixon's program continues to elevate their play in offensive transition. If your team can utilize a transition game in which players sprint the floor and keep the defense moving/unbalanced, you'll score more points and find more wins on your final record at the conclusion of your season.

40 minutes. 2019.

Features :

Develop a transition offense that has interchangeable roles for players to fill!

  • Capitalize on defensive breakdowns by utilizing rim runs, kick aheads, up screens, and drag actions in transition
  • Seamlessly flow into your zone offense in transition to avoid letting your opponent dictate tempo
  • Receive several quick-hitters that you can call to catch the defense off guard

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