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with Jake Moore;
DPT; APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor;
Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach Certified,
Physical Therapist/Strength and Conditioning Coach, Gilbert (IA) High School;
USA Weightlifting Club Coach

ACL injury prevention and rehabilitation is an essential practice every coach should use to keep their team at full strength and free from injuries. This practice includes prevention, but also what to look for if the injury happens and how to get your athlete back to competition quickly and safely.

In this two part video, Jake Moore breaks down the functional anatomy of the anterior cruciate ligament and describes common modes of injury in detail. You'll learn how to assess potential risks and design training programs to target specific areas of weakness to reduce injury and enhance performance.

Anatomy of the Knee, ACL Function and Mechanisms of Injury

Coach Moore leads off the video with an overview of the knee joint, the ACL and its primary function to stabilize the knee. In this segment, you will learn about differences in landing and cutting most commonly associated with male and female athletes and their corrections. Coach Moore also discusses typical body positions coaches can watch for that are associated with ACL injuries, such as externally rotated hips when cutting or changing direction. Also included in the segment is the importance of hamstring activation when jumping, landing, or cutting to stabilize the knee and reduce sheering forces.


Assessment is critical for designing training protocols and overseeing any potential trouble areas that may lead to injury if left uncorrected. Moore demonstrates simple tests that can be used with a variety of athletes to determine potential injury risks and periodically test adaptation and improvement to training stimuli. Using tests like the single leg squat for basic movement patterns, flexibility, and stability, Moore progresses to more in-depth tests, such as a depth drop to counter, where coaches can observe an athlete's response to force absorption and production.

Strength Training

After focusing on assessment, warm up, and agility drills in part 1, Moore spends part 2 fully breaking down strength training programming for athletes. He details the importance of posterior chain development and improving hamstring co-activation to provide posterior pull against the tibia and shield the ACL from stress. Workout progressions in this segment begin with double leg exercises before progressing to single leg work, which focuses on balance and stability in more sport-specific positions.

Moore also details workouts to challenge frontal plane stability that target hip flexors by using exercises such as single leg squats with loading on one side, balance pads, and various band hip exercises. This segment provides a great step-by-step guide to create training programs that build strength, while improving stability and coordination in each athlete.

This video from Coach Moore will help you identify potential injury risks and design training programs to help athletes reduce their risk of injury, while safely progressing injured athletes back to health.

187 minutes (2 DVDs). 2017.

Features :
  • The gold-standard for ACL injury recovery and prevention!
  • Develop a training regimen for strengthening the knee and building the athlete's core muscles
  • Discover how to identify movement weaknesses to improve strength necessary to prevent ACL injuries
  • Learn how to rehab after an ACL injury and assess athlete's ability to get back to playing

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    This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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