Avishock Track 20M BRICK RED (65FT), Smooth Design Reduces Dirt Traps & Hardware

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Avishock track 20M Red (65FT) Smooth design reduces dirt traps.Brand new design - Ideal for mainstream bird proofing projects.Flexible track is quick and easy to apply.Discreet low profile, just 8mm high!.Favoured by clients and architects.Used extensively on heritage sites and challenging building specifications.

SOLAR BATTERY CHARGER. 300-2,500 ft. of track Solar-powered charger with weather resistant case.


WARNING PLATES X25 Hard-wearing plastic.Hard wearing and rigid.Can be glued or screwed to the ledge.Should be positioned at 5m intervals on an open wall.Place anywhere a person may gain access to the system.

DIGITAL VOLTAGE TESTER: Used to test that the track is powered. Tester reads in 100v increments up to 10,000. Put one probe to one track braid and the other to the second track braid. The reading should be between 5,000v and 9,000v (5.0 9.0kV)

CONNECTER CRIMP TOOL: Used to crimp the connectors to the lead wire.Use the Red setting (0.5-1.0mm) for the perfect crimp.Crimp the barrel of the connector at a 90 degree angle to the spade or ring.

Wire Stripping Tool: Used to strip the insulation from the Lead Wire.

LEAD WIRE 20M BLACK: Heavily insulated, twisted copper is easy to cut, strip and crimp. Used for connecting track to track to energizer.

JUMPER CONNECTORS (X20)Jumpers are used to connect the Lead Wire to the track via a Female Spade Connector

AvishockTM Shears.Ideal for cutting AvishockTM track and lead wire.

Special Spikes Adhesive: Weatherproof Exceptionally strong bonding power Works on wide range of materials. This product is manufactured in United States. This product is highly durable.

Culking Gun: Simply snip the tube tip with the spout cutter (notated on the gun), puncture the nozzle tip of Bird Spikes Adhesive and Bird Proof Gel with the seal punch, place the tube into the gun, and youre ready to start applying.

Features :
  • Combo Offer Of Avishock Track 20M Brick Red (65Ft), Smooth Design Reduces Dirt Traps / Solar Battery Charger / Female Spade Connectors ( X 100) / Warning Plates ( X25 ) / Digital Voltage Tester / Connecter Crimp Tool / Wire Stripping Tool / Lead Wire 20M Black / Jumper Connectors (X20) / Avishock, Shears / Special Spikes Adhesive / Culking Gun
  • Protective, conductive polymer film protects copper strip
  • Patented tri-material extruded track is robust and UV-stable
  • Reduced resistance for greater coverage only 0.01 ohms!
  • Reduced arcing risk no stitching, fewer shorts less maintenance
  • Brand new design - Ideal for mainstream bird proofing projects
  • Fewer energisers (and power sources) are required, making installation very fast and reducing materials cost
  • Flexible track is quick and easy to apply
  • Less glue is required, saving time and glue cost
  • The copper strips are covered by a conductive plastic cover, ensuring that they stay protected from harsh weather conditions
  • Reliable performance over a long lifetime

  • Product Code: AVI-SHOCK-Minimum_KIT-4

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