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Xtreme Synthetic Sparring Longsword-Glow in Dark BladeIdentical to the PR9010 Synthetic Longsword, except this blade glows in the dark!The blades are designed to flex in the last one-third of their length towards the tip, allowing for much safer thrusting than with conventional wooden wasters or shinai. The blade/tang joint is reinforced by a high tensile steel rod running along the full length of the handle, so removing the handle flex typically associated with plastic training swords. These synthetic-bladed swords also provide an excellent option for theatrical use, being inherently safer than steel or aluminum. The variety of interchangeable parts offered by Hanwei also provides an economical means to create many different styles of sword on a single blade. The ball shaped quillon finials and rounded pommels of the Longsword and Single-hand sword are designed for sparring safety, as are the pommel and basket of the basket-hilt sword. The grips are manufactured from a rubber-like thermoplastic elastomer, designed to absorb the impact of strikes and to provide a tight fit on the tangs.These synthetic-bladed swords also provide an excellent option for theatrical use as well.This Sparring Longsword is comprised of the glow in the dark longsword blade, black guard, black longsword handle and black pommel.Specifications:- Overall: 48.5"- Blade Length: 38"- Handle Length: 7.75"- Weight: 1.73 lbs- Point of Balance: 6"Key Features:- Glow in Dark Blade- Made in U.K.
Product weight : 2.70

Product Code: PR9017
SKU: GSUP-112560

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