New Year Charm - Wealthy God with Lucky Firecrackers

Welcome 2016 with excellent charms and decorations to enhance your prosperity, luck, and success for the 2016 Year of the Monkey! Fireworks have been widely used throughout China since antiquity to welcome the New Year and other joyous holidays.

Fireworks are believe to enhance your luck and strength by scaring off bad chi and cleansing the air of negativity. Also, the color red has powerful representations of good fortune and positive chi. This beautiful firework charm will make way for a triumphant 2016 and wonderful endeavors for you and your family!

At the top of the firecracker hold features a beautifully designed figurine of the Wealth God. The Wealth God is accompanied by a Chinese character meaning joy. The Wealth God is a powerful symbol widely used in China for the protection of business luck and advances in monetary chi. Hang this beautiful Wealth God firecracker for a blast into success for the New Year!

There are 6 pcs of firecrackers with wealthy god on the top. The overall length is approx. 25"(L) x 4"(W).  The firecrackers are artificial.  They are made of plastic.

Product weight : 0.50

Product Code: 4773
SKU: FENG-4773

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