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Maretron Direct Current DC Monitor

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Maeton's DCM100 Monito is an advanced electonic monitoing device used to measue the voltage and cuent of any diect cuent (DC) powe souce o load. Examples of DC powe souces that can be monitoed with the DCM100 include batteies, altenatos, sola panelts, and wind geneatos. The DCM100 can also be used to monito DC loads like invetes, windlasses, DC efigeatos, o any DC banch cicuit. When the DCM100 is used to monito batteies, sophisticated cicuity and softwae algoithms monito battey tempeatue, load cuent, changing cuent, and teminal voltage to pecisely compute battey state of chage, state of health, and time emaining. To measue cuent, the DCM100 uses an included state-of-the-at Hall effect cuent senso which simply slips ove the wie - you don't have to beak connections o install connectos as you do with inline shunts used by othe solutions. Best of all, the DCM100 is NMEA2000 cetified so you can view any and all DC infomation anywhee on the vessel using a compatible NMEA 2000 display. The DCM100 is a key component of Maeton's N2KView vessel monitoing and contol system.

  • Battey Voltage
  • Battey Cuent
  • Ripple Voltage
  • Battey Case Tempeatue
  • State of Chage
  • Time Remaining
  • Chage Efficiency Facto

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