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Learn to work with small groups to develop footwork and stickwork for offensive players!

  • Incorporate high-repetition, up-tempo drills into a program's ongoing efforts to develop offensive players
  • Help your midfielders with passing, shooting and dodging skills to create opportunities to score
  • Experience drills designed to teach advanced techniques such as choking up on the stick when passing and shooting

Features :

with J.B. Clarke,
Limestone College Head Men's Lacrosse Coach;
Back-to-Back NCAA D-II National Champions ('14-'15);
2016 NSILA D-II Coach of the Year; 2016 NCAA Tournament Runner-up;
5 straight Conference Carolinas Regular Season & Tournament Champions;
200+ career wins; has coached in the NCAA Final Four at the D- I, II and III levels

With the off-season being perhaps the most important component of a team's skill training during the year, it is often challenging to get an entire team together, or devote enough energy to teach individuals technique for skill development.

Using small-group drills and a single lacrosse goal, J.B. Clarke and his coaching staff demonstrate 12 drills that develop both the stickwork and footwork of offensive players. Clarke breaks down the instruction into two parts. The first part is focused on midfield stick, footwork and shooting drills. The second part is focused on attack stick, footwork and shooting drills. Throughout the instruction, footwork, stick skills, body position, communication, and proper shooting techniques are all reinforced consistently.

Clarke provides ongoing commentary and drill breakdown as members of his coaching staff and team execute the drills.

Dodging and Shooting

Using up-tempo drills with lots of repetition, Coach Clarke explains how to enhance the scoring power of his offensive players by using footwork, hand-placement, arm-spacing, and visual perception as a package so players work on their complete game.

Clarke shares four midfield drills and seven attack drills that progress from individual stick work to drills with multiple players focused on dodging and shooting. He begins with a series of midfield drills with timed passing. This segment continues to build with midfield shooting drills focused on footwork, communication, hand placement, and shoulder positioning.

A major emphasis is placed on reading the positioning of defenders and space on the field in order to determine the best way to attack the goal. Coach Clarke emphasis several key points in each drill:

  • Hand placement and when to choke up on a stick or when to extend a stick when shooting
  • Foot placement when dodging, looking to feed, or shooting
  • High repetition drills to emphasize stickwork
  • Dodging downhill as opposed to toward the sidelines

Producing Goals by Position

Coach Clarke uses drills near and around the crease to emphasize the development of attackmen, and drills on the top-side of the goal and in the alleys for midfield development. Drills are broken down by position in order to allow for specialization. While the stickwork-specific drills are designed for any offensive player, the differentiation of other drills allows you to learn how to develop your midfielders and attackmen for their positions while using similar techniques.

You'll also see how to develop different packages of dodges based on how a defenseman is positioned, and where to move the ball off of a dodge, depending on where the ball is located.

In this outstanding instructional video, Coach Clarke provides everything you need when planning ways to develop offensive players, particularly during off-season training. You will not only learn how to develop stickwork, hand placement, and footwork, but also when to use these advanced techniques. Limestone College is renowned for having one of the most up-tempo and productive offenses in the sport of lacrosse. Learn how they develop their players using techniques from one of the most decorated offensive coaches in the history of the sport!

71 minutes. 2017.

Product Code: LXD-05088A

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