Wine Boiler Water Distiller 18gallon 70l Moonshine Still For Wine Maker

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304 Stainless Steel

With selected high wearable stainless steel, the quality of the product can well ensure. The excellent cooling design makes the distilled liquor more concentrated. Argon welded body with a stunning appearance efficiently avoids the health problems and extends its product life cycle.

Advanced Thermometer

Two thermometers monitor the temperature inside the pot in real-time. Accurately display the temperature of the wine. It ranges from 0-150 and 10 -40 and meets your needs during steaming and fermentation. With a multi-function exhaust check valve for the steamer, two-thirds of the water can add to it (only air can be exhausted).

Large Capacity

This hydrolat distiller can hold 70 Liter (18.5 Gallon) liqour. it's output is 5 kg fine for 50% content by volume or 7.5kg for 30% . It's just a relatively correct reference date, considering the different grain and ways of fermentation and distillation.

Cooling Design

With the advanced cooling device, you can follow four procedures to get more concentrated alcohol. The submersible pumps can make the water better circulation and cooling. Ceramic balls can work to improve wine purity.

Complete Accessories

Highly equipped with both fermentation and distillation accessories. An in-line silicone seal works rigorous and will not leak. With load-bearing handles on both sides of the pot for a easier install and use. Drain port makes it easy to replace the water in the cooling bucket.

Multipurpose Usage

The equipment works as distillers and doesn't need to separate the brew, directly fermenting it in the machine and brewing it. As a multi-purpose machine, it can also use as a fermentation tank to fermented liquor and seasoner, like brandy, whiskey, and vinegar. Both fire and electric heating are to it.

Stainless Steel Distiller Moonshine Still

This distiller moonshine still, used high-quality and safety stainless steel and argon welding techniques, with two real-time thermometers, large capacity fermentation tank and advanced cooling devices, can hold 70 Liter/ 18.5 Gallon liquor and have excellent performance inthebrewing and steaming process. And Its widely applied in both commercial place and households by its distinctive features and convenience.

  • Quality assurance
  • Build-in thermometer
  • Excellent performance
  • Full-set equipment
Package Content:


  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Distiller Capacity: 70 L/ 18.5 Gallon
  • Fermentation tank size: 45 x 45 cm/ 17.7 x 17.7 inch
  • Input quantity: 10 kg rice ( for example )
  • Output quantity: 3.5kg for content of 50%, 5kg for content of 30%
  • Wine steaming time: 1-2 hours ( including heating time)

Package Content

  • 1 x Distiller Moonshine Wine Making Boiler
  • 1 x Water Pump
  • 1 x Pack Of Ceramic Balls
  • 1 x 100ml Graduated Cylinder
  • 1 x 2m Silicone Tube
  • 1 x Thermometer
  • 1 x 12g Spoon
  • 1 x Exhaust Valve
  • 1 x Seal Sheet

Features :
  • [QUALITY ASSURANCE]- This distiller is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, a wear-resistant and anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation materials, and has a stunning appearance after the thickening treatment and polishing. It has no harm to the body. The applying of argon welded methods efficiently avoids the health problems caused by other materials. The bucket associated with copper and solder constructs the stills.
  • [BUILD-IN THERMOMENT]- There are two thermometers around the distiller. One ranges from 10to 40; the other attached to the top, ranging from 0-150. The stainless steam plate and gauze bag, preventing the burnout and working excellent during distillation. A temperature sticker on the fermenter can inspect the temperature when using the big tank as a fermenter pot.
  • [EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE]- The distiller has a large fermentation tank, which can easily hold 70L/ 18.5 Gallon liquid. Its high plastic elastic seal is very rigorous and will not leak. It has a higher distillation purity with an output of 5 kg fine for 50% content by volume or 7.5kg for 30%.
  • [FULL-SET EQUIPMENT]- It equipped with both fermentation and distillation accessories to has multiple usages. Submersible pumps allow water to circulate and cool better. Ceramic ball filters white wine steam and improves the quality of the wine. Sealed with an in-line silicone seal, eliminating the need for back and forth disassembly, the seal works very rigorous and will not leak. Stainless steel steam plates and gauze bags prevent the burning of the distiller and ensure its effectiveness.
  • [WIDE APPLICATION]- Designed for meeting the various demands of the customers, you can make different kinds of our items in the Moonshine stills. The tank can use as a fermenter to fermented liquors, such as beer, rice wine, brandy, whiskey, wine, and seasoners like soy sauce and vinegar. Its heating methods can be fire, as well as electric heating devices.

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