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BD-05718 THE UNSTOPPABLE, EASY-TO-LEARN 4-OUT 1-IN MOTION OFFENSE (JANS) , Motion offenses have become the fabric of basketball today. With players wanting to be put in position to score and score consistently, motion offense delivers that ability.Three-time WAC Coach of the Year Chris Jans shares with you how he implements his 4-out 1-in motion offense. With multiple options and reads, his offense keeps things simple while providing a variety of ways to score.Spacing and Options After PassingFrom a 4-out alignment, Coach Jans starts by discussing the spacing of his offense. The four perimeter spots are at each of the "seams" and behind the 3-point line even with the first hash mark above the low block.Once the spots are established, the rules after passing the basketball are discussed. A player who makes a pass on the perimeter has the option to cut to the basket, set a screen, receive a screen, and replace himself. Above all else, players on top are taught not to pass and stand while the players at the wings can stand.When a player sets a screen, they are taught to "laser the man". As a stickler for setting proper screens, Jans teaches his cutters to slow down as they approach the screen to prevent being called for offensive fouls that can change the momentum of a game.Important Motion Offense ConceptsPoints of emphasis are made by Coach Jans as ways to teach important concepts within his version of motion offense. The first of these is to always attack the rim. Whether it's a cut to the basket after passing or cutting to the basket coming off a screen, pressure must be put on the rim. Eventually, this evolves into attacking the basket with the ball.The next concept is the role of the 5-man in the post. While most motion offense coaches have their 5-man stay on one side for the entirety of a possession, the 5-man is tasked with following the basketball from side to side and to be posted up on the same side as the ball off the block. The 5-man is taught to "time his sit-ins", meaning that he looks to get posted against his man as deep as possible when the ball is passed to the wing.Drills to Teach Motion OffenseOne of the more commonly used drills in practice by Jans is "2-on-2 Rover". This drill teaches the importance of guards working to get themselves open. The next drill presented is "3-on-3 One Side". With the sideline and the mid-line as out of bounds lines, the offense must work within the compressed space to score against three defenders. No ball screens are allowed in this drill, as the three players must move the ball and work to get themselves and their teammates open.With four players, "4-on-4 No Dibble" is the drill of choice. The four offensive players can do anything within motion offense except for not being allowed to use the dribble. The offense must use this as an opportunity to pass, cut, and screen to create opportunities to score. A variation of this drill is to play full court, with the first player to touch the ball being the only player to have the option to dribble to advance the ball up the floor.Coach Jans gives you the keys to run an unstoppable motion offense. This video will get your team screening better, communicating on offense and playing with increased freedom.75 minutes. 2020.

Features :
  • Teach the spacing and go-to scoring options that are used in traditional 4-out 1-in motion offenses
  • See how to get your players to remember motion concepts and actions so they can create their own opportunities
  • Learn numerous drills that Coach Jans has leaned on over the years to help his teams run effective motion offense

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