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BD-05716 PRIMARY AND SECONDARY BREAKS + LIFT OFFENSE (HAASE), Drawing from his years as a player and assistant coach for Roy Williams at Kansas and North Carolina, Coach Jerod Haase teaches the primary and secondary break offenses that have made teams scoring machines. Coach Haase has also taken the offense one step further with the "Lift" concept added into the mix. For any coach looking to blend the classic North Carolina fast break attack and a ball screen continuity offense, Haase shows the many ways that these approaches can flow together seamlessly.Primary and Secondary BreakCoach Haase discusses the primary break and the spacing that he wants his teams to attain in certain situations. He defines what constitutes a primary break and how players should align and attack in the full court. Once he does that, Haase puts the players through a 3-on-2, 2-on-1 full court drill so that they can take the concepts into a live situation.Next, Coach Haase discusses the secondary break. Each action has a call and can also evolve into a read that the players make depending on the first pass from the trailer post. Haase emphasizes the rebounding aspect of any primary or secondary break and that each drill should have a rebounding component added to it to reinforce its importance.The first action shown is the Sweep play. This will involve a pick & roll along with a baseline cross screen to free up your 5-man. Once the first secondary play is put in, Haase shows a recognition drill so players can start to make the read of when to seamlessly flow from primary to secondary break. The next action is Push, which is a pick & roll play from the slot after a lot of motion and moving of the defense. You'll also see a wrinkle for the play to get your 2-man in the pick & roll action. Finally, Kick Back is another read play that combines a double screen for a possible shot followed by a step-up screen.The Lift OffenseWhat do you do when the secondary break is over? What do you flow into if you don't get any options out of secondary break plays? Coach Haase shows his solution to these questions with his Lift continuity offense. This is a five-player motion with wing area ball screens that allows your players to make reads. Haase also details several plays and wrinkles within the offense, plus calls that can be implemented within the offense to counter defensive adjustments.With all good half-court attacks, you need some set plays in your back pocket to get a score when needed or to take advantage of a certain situation. Set plays from Coach Haase include post-ups, backdoor cuts, slip screens and more. To conclude the clinic, Haase shows several ideas you can run within the Carolina secondary break that are sure to add more points to the scoreboard and keep the defense on their heels.This is a great video to have in your library if you are thinking about revamping your full-court and half-court offensive schemes! You get the primary, secondary, half-court, and set plays that Coach Haase has used to great success that will translate seamlessly into your playbook and result in victories.73 minutes. 2020.

Features :
  • Convert more often in 3-on-2 and 2-on-1 fast break situations to put more points on the board
  • Execute a variety of secondary break actions that provide quick scoring opportunities even if a few players are back on defense
  • Learn Coach Haase's "Lift Offense" that contains some great ball screen continuity ideas

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