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BD-05706 MAN-TO-MAN DEFENSE: ITS NOT WHAT YOU DO, ITS HOW YOU DO IT (SCHAEFER) , Coach Vic Schaefer has elevated Mississippi State into one of the best programs in women's collegiate basketball. This success stems from a philosophy of doing the same things that every other team in the country does, but with an attitude that MSU will do it with an uncommon level of excellence. Coach Schaefer demonstrates this approach through nine defensive drills that build his pressure man-to-man defense. In this video, you will gain valuable teaching points to maximize the effectiveness of your drills while also learning the teaching points to develop an aggressive defense.Core Defensive DrillsMississippi State prides itself on being a disruptive defensive team. You will see the package of drills that are run every day in Bulldog practices. Coach Schaefer demonstrates a unique approach to guarding the ball with his "Approach Stance" drill. He shows how to improve the lateral quickness of your players with his method of pivoting in a defensive stance. Other tactics, such as identifying the ball handler's pivot foot and the "hot stove," will enable your players to apply maximum pressure on the ball. Additional drills teach defenders to blow up down screens with physicality and alter their routes based on the location of the screen in order to stay "up the line and straight line" in pass denial.Defending Common ActionsCoach Schaefer shows the "3-Out 1-In" drill, which is a personal favorite that Mississippi State runs daily. This drill puts a premium on ball-pressure while also teaching defenders how to adjust their passing lane denial based on their proximity to post players. This drill also can be used to install your ball screen defense. You will also learn how the Bulldogs attack pick & rolls with a hard show.The "3-on-3 Rebounding" drill reinforces denial pressure by challenging players to take away dribble hand-offs and guard backdoor cuts while also being ready to put their "butt in the gut" when the shot goes up. In addition to other drills, you will also come away with a perfect defensive drill for teaching numerous phases of your defensive system. The "7-Point Defensive" drill has players deny the wing, take away backdoor cuts, front the posts, find help position, disrupt flash cuts, and dive for loose balls in a single repetition!This video will show you why Coach Schaefer has won numerous national Coach of the Year awards. There is absolutely something to take away from this video for everyone, regardless of the system you run!

Features :
  • Take away passing lanes with aggressive denial to disrupt your opponent's offense
  • Fight through down screens with physicality to prevent your match-up from receiving the ball
  • Apply tough defensive pressure on the ball to keep the ball handler from attacking the middle

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