Participate in the environment in a positive way by using Redmon Green Culture products. The Redmon Green Culture compost turning tool (The Wingdigger) is one of the perfect tools to get started. Effective composting requires proper aeration of the compost. Using the turning tool eliminates some of the work. Aeration is critical to successful composting. Push the Wingdigger down into the compost back and pull it straight up (no twisting, bending, or flipping is needed). Healthy bacteria brought to the top on the 'wings' will do the job for you.

Features :
  • Make your composting easy and effective
  • Makes aerating your compost easy, which is critical to composting success
  • Made for durability
  • Made with alvanized steel for long term use

  • Color : Green

    Product Code: 8016
    SKU: WCRD-8016

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