Rod 7018 1# 1/8"

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Forney 30801 1/8" E7018 Welding Rod 1 Lb

Features :
  • All position welding, low hydrogen rod for general purpose AC applications requiring low penetration, can also be used on DC+
  • Designed for welding headenable steels and projects involving hard to weld steels including thick sections and restrained joints with cracking issues
  • Not recommended for use with low open circuit voltage (OCV) power sources
  • Excellent for tack welds and out of position welding
  • Ideal for general fabrication of cold roll steels
  • Easy to read color coded packaging
  • 1 lb.
  • 1/8"
  • The Forney 30801 7018 Mild Steel "superweld" Welding Rod is a mild steel, all-position general purpose rod with medium to shallow penetration. Medium to heavy slag is easily removed. Excellent for poorly fitted joints. Smaller sizes of rod are well suited to low heat on thin metals. Use on all types of mild steel where ease of operation and good appearance is required. 3/32 inch (2.38 mm) diameter rod. 1 pound (.453 kg). 6013 Tensile strength is 60,000 PSI Amperage 40-80 amps AC, DCEN, DCEP (Either Polarity). Typical Spec Example E6011: E is for electrode. The next two numbers (60, 70 or 80) indicates the tensile strength of the rod (for example 60,000). The third number tells the welding position; (1)=All position (2)=Flat or Horizontal position (4)=Flat, Horizontal, Overhead and Vertical Down position. The fourth number indicates the type of current to be used and coating of the rod; (0)=Cellulose Sodium, with deep penetration, use Direct Current Electrode Positive (1)=Cellulose Potassium, with deep penetration, use AC or Direct Current Electrode Positive, or Direct Current Electrode Negative (3)=Titania Potassium, with light penetration, use AC or Direct Current Electrode Positive (8)=Low Hydrogen, Iron Powder, with medium penetration use AC or Direct Current Electrode Positive.

  • Product Code: 30801
    SKU: JENS-26712042

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