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BD-05704 4-OUT 1-IN PRIMARY & SECONDARY SETS OUT OF TRANSITION (HANSEN) , Basketball offenses are moving more and more toward a faced-paced, free flowing style. Knowing how to convert from full-court transition offense to the half-court is a must for coaches to be successful.In this video, Derrin Hansen shows his transition offense and sets that are sure to put more points on the board and create more buzz surrounding your team. You will see how to run off free throws and made baskets, as well as get transition sets that flow seamlessly from a primary break to secondary break offense and to the half-court.Primary BreakCoach Hansen shows his principles for the primary break and how to run off made baskets and free throws. He believes in teaching players concepts, instead of rules, to help them learn the game and be unguardable. In a numbered style break, Hansen shows the reads and principles that govern his transition offense.If there's no opportunity to advance the ball ahead, you'll learn the "cut the floor" concept to keep the defense on their heels and keep up the attack. After cutting the floor, the option to throw to the wing is discussed. Any good defense will make it difficult to make the initial pass, so Coach Hansen discusses other options, including a reversal to the trailing 4-man. After the ball is passed, there are several reads and options that are outlined. From staggered screens and slips to on-ball screens, the possibilities will keep the defense on edge and give your offense the upper hand. Four options in total are discussed when reversing the ball through the 4-man. If an on-ball screen occurs, multiple options happen off the ball. Options include cross screens for post-ups and down screens for shots. Hansen also discusses how to incorporate early ball screens into your attack and continue to find ways to attack the defense!Secondary Sets and ActionsIf nothing manifests from the primary attack, several transition plays are outlined that easily flow from the principles discussed in the primary break. The play "Speed Game" is shown, which takes advantage of getting the ball to the post early involving a backdoor option. More plays are shown that detail counters and misdirection plays for the actions already shown.Once the ball is in the post, players have the freedom to decide what happens next. To stay unpredictable, Coach Hansen outlines four options to run after the ball is entered into the post that include cuts, splits, space, and dive & fill concepts. In case you don't score in transition, Hansen details a 1-4 high set play with a counter to get a quick post-up or shot playing off the natural reactions of the defense. Finally, in the last portion of the video, you'll get Hansen's principles of a good zone offense.Many coaches want their team to run, but are you confident in teaching the principles that will allow your team to do so? This video from Coach Hansen gives you a blueprint for primary and secondary transition offense, as well as multiple plays that can also be run in the half-court.

Features :
  • Understand how to run a primary break off made baskets and free throws to maintain a relentless offensive attack
  • Discover different actions you can run out of a secondary break, such as cutting the floor, reversing, stagger screens, and slip screens
  • Get a brief overview of how Coach Hansen adapts his offense to take down zone defenses

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